Case Studies » Supporting large e-health system

The client is a US-based award winning health care technology company which provides integrated electronic medical report (EMR) and practice management system (PMS). Founded by a physician who has its own vision of EMR system, the company is now representing thousands of medical practitioners and patients across the United States.

Thanks to the historical health care reform enacted by the US government in 2010, adoption of EMR and PMS among small and medium clinics has surged. The client, being in the industry for a decade, experienced high demand for new features as well as system support. However, it would be too costly to scale the in-house development team within a short period of time.

In addition, the client was also planning to migrate the system to a new platform, which requires massive research and execution effort. The problem became clear: how to get a reliable outside team at affordable rate.

Citigo realized that the critical success factors in this partnership are security and domain knowledge:

  • Security: both software and data are critically sensitive, so strong security measure needs to be in place to protect intellectual asset for the client.
  • Domain knowledge: healthcare is a complex domain with many industry standards. Without understanding the workflow and concepts, it would be easy to break other things while fixing a particular issue.

To address these factors, the company formed a dedicated team including four experienced developers and one tester, who would work side by side with the client, conducted intensive domain training for the developers and tester and deployed separate infrastructure for them to work out the tasks. Special source code control and quality assurance policies were introduced as an additional layer of protection.

Citigo dedicated team has picked up with development pace much faster than expectation. Within two weeks, it has actively participated in resolving critical issues. After two months, the team gained confidence from the client to develop new features. Other than support and development role, the team also proposed several ideas to enhance the products.