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Creating software is hard. But we can make it an enjoyable journey. We listen to our clients, understand their problems, suggest solutions, and deliver quality working systems. At Citigo, we believe quality matters.

Our services cover both pre-launch activities (full-cycle development and code deployment) and post-launch activities (maintenance and porting).

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In this service, we are responsible for maintaining your on-going system (typically production system). Our engineers will fix bugs/defects if any, conduct component upgrade, monitor system performance, update database, and make minor enhancement. The ultimate objective is to ensure your business continuity.

With our maintenance/ support service, you will enjoy:

  • Technical alignment. We fix the cause, not the symptom, so rest assured no core design will be broken.
  • Night working hours. Your night time may well be our day time when our engineers work hard to fix any production issue. By the time you wake up, everything is back to normal.
  • Competitive price. We offer competitive rates, which will bring your project a high return on investment.

A success story

Supporting large e-health system

...Citigo realized that the critical success factors in this partnership are security and domain knowledge... After two months, the team gained confidence from the client to develop new features...

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