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Build your own team with us and unleash your potential. Scale your business to the infinity. With Citigo’s large talent pool, you can achieve great things at affordable costs.

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In this service, our developers/designers are assigned to work under your management. They “virtually” become your offshore employees. They work on tasks that you assign via a web-based project management tool and report to you the working status. Planning, direction, and priority, all are up to you.

With the dedicated team service, you will enjoy:

  • No HR commitments. You only hire working resources, not employee. We are responsible for keeping them up.
  • Large talent pool. No more posting job ads. We have a bunch of good candidates.
  • Competitive rate. You can save as much as 70% compared to hiring in-house staff.
  • Low learning curve. Hiring dedicated developers help you expand your team with less cost of training.
  • Full control and high visibility. You have a crystal clear view of what your developers are working on.

A success story

Direct jobs - no recruiters

... Citigo’s final decision was to strike the balance between total automation and manual... This turned out to be a perfect option, reducing the time to market, yet keeping the marginal cost (the cost of supporting one extra employer website) low... From nothing, the website is now one of the most favorite destinations for job seekers...

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