Case Studies » Multi-site enterprise CMS

The client is a leading mortgage brokerage firm in Canada with over 500 mortgage agents and brokers in its network. Agents and brokers act as partners to the firms, sharing some common facilities, yet maintaining a level of independence in terms of business development. A strategic factor to its success is the emphasis on using technology to provide added value to its network.

Currently, the client is running a hierarchical network which includes mortgage brokers and agents. Therefore, the client wants to control the content of this structure, in which a person in an upstream level like a mortgage broker company can manage the content created by people in a downstream level like an agent.

So the client would need a marketing tool that serves the following purposes:

  • Communicating common messages among members of the firm consistently.

  • Providing the flexibility so that each agent or broker can differentiate the content of his/her/its work.

We envisioned this project as the backbone for the client’s information system. We wanted to build not only a web application, but also a hierarchical framework that other applications can be plugged in.

We saw that the newly built system would consist of a core engine and a list of extensions. The core was essentially the hierarchical permission framework, which could deal with any type of object. Extensions were business-oriented modules that could be plugged into the core. Each extension would serve a business purpose.

We defined two types of objects involved in this system: business object and system object. Business objects are objects that serve as a real business purpose. Adding or removing a business object does not make the system dysfunctional. System objects are objects belonging to the core, so they must exist even when the system does not serve any business purpose.

It now becomes easy when the client wants to integrate the CMS with other system. What they need is to develop an extension that interfaces with that system. What is truly powerful is the fact that the other system can now leverage the core, including permission control and subscription. The CMS has been now deployed to over 500 mortgage brokers and agents in the client’s network. Since the deployment of the new system, the client has given us positive feedback on the system.