Case Studies » Managing trading system

The client was an American firm providing desktop software for forex and commodity trading. They had a website allowing the users to download the software and manage their license. The client wanted to do maintenance work for the website and improve its performance.

Before the client reached Citigo, their website ran quite unstably. There were a large number of faults in its operation process, leading to interruptions or errors in users’ transactions and communication with their brokers. Besides, the website contained a complex download procedure, in which users had to pass a complicated registration process before they downloaded the software.

On comprehending the issue, Citigo determined that there would be a Dedicated Team to assist the client in day by day maintenance work. A team of 3 dedicated developers were formed.

Fixing all bugs was quite hard at first when Citigo team had to rely entirely on the client’s reports. The dedicated developers then decided to make a review on the problems solved to learn their features and causes. The team, therefore, actively eliminated all the causes to prevent similar problems from occurring. Hidden and potential problems were also detected and eradicated through the features that had been learned.

In addition, the team also advised the client to simplify the download and registration processes. Users needed only to provide an email address to download the software. And they could easily register their accounts and carry out transactions via the software installed on their computers.

After 17 months under Citigo dedicated team’s maintenance, the website’s performance had been substantially improved. The bugs recognized had been greatly reduced, thus improving the productivity of the website. From a low number of transactions exchanging at the same time, it can now facilitate 129 transactions simultaneously.

It has been a pleasure working with Citigo. They have a fast team of developers and very good managers.  Even though we did initially have a few “teething” issues they were extremely fast to respond and always found solution to adjust and accommodate our needs.  They also stayed calm and professional under pressure and have been an very complimentary and positive asset and addition to our outsourced development teams.

Mr. Jahanshahi, client’s Technical Director