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“What happens if I need to change my requirements radically in the last minute?” “What happens if my business is not doing well to support my current dedicated team?” Change is nature. At Citigo, we honor that wisdom and make sure our offerings can accommodate all types of changes you raise.

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There could be several reasons that you may want to extend your team:

  • You run a dedicated team, and your business has experienced seasonal high growth.
  • You run a dedicated team, and you want to try some disruptive innovation without interfering your team.
  • You commission a large effort-based project, and you need to change the project’s direction based on early market reception.
  • You commission a large effort-based project, and you need to accelerate the timeline given strong market reception.

The common thing among these reasons is that they are temporary but urgent. At Citigo, with a large pool of seasonal engineers, we are ready to augment your team with two options:

  • Short-term contract. A team of dedicated developers and designers will work for you, full-time or part-time, for a specific period of time. After this contractual time ends, your project will return to the working model before the short-term contract was signed.
  • Hour-based contract. Based on your requirements, we estimate and suggest the amount of time needed for the completion of the extra tasks. Costs will then be charged in accordance with the estimated working hours.

We will address expansion request by at most one working week after receiving your request.

A success story

Supporting large e-health system

...Citigo realized that the critical success factors in this partnership are security and domain knowledge... After two months, the team gained confidence from the client to develop new features...

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