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How We Work » Project basis

This model is suitable when you have clearly defined requirements, fixed budgets or are under time pressure. In this model, we tailor a service in accordance with your requirements and charge based on the nature of the project.

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Given that time frame and requirements are fixed, we will adopt a modified version of waterfall model in managing the project. The process involves the following steps:

  • Business analysts hand over the project requirements with analysis to project manager, who forms a team of developers, graphical designers and testers based on the required skill set and time frame.
  • Technical design and test plan are conducted concurrently and independently based on the requirement.
  • After coding phase is completed, the project is handed to QA team for testing.
  • After testing phase is completed, project manager will deploy the project to your environment, and the project is deemed finished.

Communication between Citigo and you is all handled by project manager and via email.

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