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How We Work » Effort basis

This model is suitable when you have complicated project with requirements changing over the time. We charge based on the estimation of the amount of time and resources we would deploy to finish the project.

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In this case, the business requirements are generally complex and subject to change. Therefore, we adopt a modified version of Scrum methodology to ensure the agility of the project. The process involves following steps:

  • Business analyst hands over the project requirements to project manager, who forms a team of developers, graphical designers and testers based on the required skill set and time frame.
  • Project manager divides requirements into milestones, called sprints. Features within each sprint form a meaningful business feature.
  • Developers, designers and testers work concurrently and interdependently to complete requirements in each sprint.
  • After each sprint, project manager will hold a sprint review meeting with you to demonstrate the sprint’ deliverable and get feedback.
  • If changes are required, business analyst will revise the original estimation and send to you for approval.

To provide you with the highest visibility, Citigo also employs Assembla (, a web-based project management system. Assembla brings several benefits for both client and Citigo development team:

  • Both you and Citigo project manager can have a crystal clear view of the big picture and detailed development tasks each engineer is working on.
  • You can provide feedback or clarification directly to Citigo engineers.
  • Anyone, including clients, can report bugs and defects directly to Citigo engineers.

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... Foreseeing the difficulties in shaping the right direction for the whole project from the starting point, Citigo decided to employ the agile development approach, in which we divided the project into several phases ...

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