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How We Work » Effort basis

This model is suitable when you have complicated project with requirements changing over the time. We charge based on the estimation of the amount of time and resources we would deploy to finish the project.

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This option brings you the following benefits:

  • Adjustable requirements. In contrast to project based model, in which the requirements are fixed before the contract is signed, in this option, you can change the requirements in accordance with your business performance and needs over the time.
  • Cash flow control. The quote is clearly defined at the beginning of the project. So you can have a precise sense of the costs of the project.
  • Premium service. Our excellent Project Team will learn your business thoroughly in order to provide you with products and services not only technically premium but also business oriented, effectively assisting you in fostering your business performance.
  • High visibility. We provide you with an account on our project management portal Assembla (, where you receive periodical reports and get update on the working process.
  • Technical Consultation. You will receive constant consultation from our business analysts who are both technical expert and business oriented. Therefore, you will be able to exploit the full potential of the final products.

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