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How We Work » Dedicated team

A team of our dedicated designers and developers will serve as your offshore staff who will carry out your requirements directly. This option is perfect when you need to drive the development your own way.

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In this model, you are mainly responsible for planning, managing and running the project. You will communicate with our designers and developers directly via Assembla platform (, which is a web-based project management system with rich features including ticket management, wiki, version-controlled file management, email notification. The communication process involves the following steps:

  • You create tasks on Assembla, group them into milestones and components, and put priority to each task. You then assign the tasks to Citigo dedicated team.
  • When beginning each task, the designer or developer will confirm his or her understanding of the task, and give out an estimation of time to complete.
  • After completing each task, Citigo developers will return it back to you for review. If QA testers are involved in the team, tasks will be assigned to QA testers before handing in to you.
  • You can now close the task by returning it back to the developer or designer if the result is not as you expected.

During the project, you may also communicate with our developers or designers via emails or instant messaging. However, only requests on Assembla are considered official.

Furthermore, under this option, while leaving the main management responsibility to clients, Citigo still maintains a reasonable amount of supervision on the dedicated team. If we believe that the developers are spending more than the necessary time on some particular tasks, or if the tasks are technically challenging, we will involve more senior engineers to get them resolved at no cost.

A success story

Direct jobs - no recruiters

... Citigo’s final decision was to strike the balance between total automation and manual... This turned out to be a perfect option, reducing the time to market, yet keeping the marginal cost (the cost of supporting one extra employer website) low... From nothing, the website is now one of the most favorite destinations for job seekers...

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