Case Studies » Having fun while learning

The client was a Singaporean entrepreneur who has strong interest in education. Inspired by the idea that learning is most effective when it is fun and indirect, the client was keen on building a learning system in which learning items are games, videos and songs. The system should be designed with “software-as-a-service” in mind, so that it would be used by multiple schools with no installation hassle.

To make learning fun, the system has to be fun. The biggest challenge is to design an inspirational interface that is attractive and simple to the main audience, i.e. kids. However, behind the simplicity is real sophistication. The system needs to intelligently determine the performance of each student to adjust learning items to be displayed accordingly.

Citigo designer conceived the design with a methodological approach. Interviews were made with client to understand the business value proposition. The cartoon style design makes it familiar to kids at kindergarten levels, who are the main target of the system. The image of children with different color represented solidarity spirit, an important element in a multi-cultural country like Singapore. The lightweight theme made it easy for students to navigate and focus.

Behind the scene, a complex algorithm was developed to prioritize learning items automatically based on students’ performance. As such, students are able to work on more and more difficult tasks without being aware.

On the technical side, Citigo developed the system entirely using open source technology stack: Linux, Apache, PHP, and MySQL. Specifically, to reduce the development time, Citigo used Codelgniter framework.

Since the development of the system, we have received constant positive feedback from the client. Several schools have signed up for trial even before development is finished.