Case Studies » Finding the best contractor in town

The client was an Australian entrepreneur who saw the gap in communication between people in need of a product/service and business/vendor providing that service/product. He wanted to create an extensive and effective business directory where customers can find the most reliable and highly recommended professionals operating in their neighborhoods.

Basically, the system should help enable the two following tasks:

  • People in need of a product or service: To contact the product or service providers available in their areas quickly

  • Businesses/Vendors: To receive inquiries from potential customers and respond promptly to the inquiries at low costs. Indeed, the system will only charge the businesses/vendors for every inquiry they receive from their potential customers.

To complete the two tasks, the system should be able to reflect clearly to potential customers the locations that the vendors or businesses wishing to travel to. Besides, it should include an efficient method of communication that would enable businesses or vendors to respond to their customers’ requirements promptly.

On learning the specifications of the project, Citigo team decided that the system should include the two following features to fulfill its tasks:

  • Geographic Information System (GIS): This structure will update all the places that the businesses/vendors indicate their willingness to travel to. When customers looking for a business/vendor, they only need to fill in their location or choose the location from the map, GIS will then provide the customers with businesses/vendors able to serve in the neighborhood.

  • SMS integration: To enable the prompt and efficient communication between businesses/vendors and their potential customers, Citigo recommended the communication be processed through an integrated SMS system. When a customer chooses to connect a business/vendor through the website, the requirements will then be transferred to the business/vendor under the form of a SMS. The business/vendor can then respond quickly his/her availability to the system and the customer will be informed accordingly. Communication between the business/vendor with customer will then be carried out through SMS.

A few months after its launch, the website saw hundreds of Australian businesses and vendors register. The system has now expanded to the United Kingdom and New Zealand and has become one of the most well-known commercial ports among people and businesses/vendors three.