Case Studies » Direct jobs – no recruiters

The client is an Australian start-up, founded by the director of a famous recruitment agency specializing in IT domain. Observing the hesitance of job seekers when dealing with job agents, the founder has envisioned a new platform which connects job seekers directly to employers. Started in 2008, the company has now grown to be one of the leading job search engines in Australia, serving nearly 1,000 employers and 20,000 job seekers.

Having a great idea and vast domain experience but no technical expertise nor big budget, the founder needed to make a tough decision of whether to build his own technical team or to outsource. Although it is the right job classification that really makes the site useful, it could never become a success without a fast and scalable system. Eventually, the client decided to outsource technical design, implementation and support to an IT service company while the full-time staff would focus on domain related work such as classifying jobs and developing business partners.

Essentially, the system features an engine that can frequently collect and extract job information from employers’ websites automatically. As of 2008, the web had much evolved and there was many ways that web data can be generated, specifically via different software frameworks. To make things worse, the increasing popularity of Javascript meant web data can be dynamically rendered based on user interaction. Building a super algorithm that works automatically for all kinds of website would be an unpractical option. However, we would certainly not want to treat each website as an ad hoc extraction project.

Citigo’s final decision was to strike the balance between total automation and manual. A generic extraction framework that deals with majority of websites was then built, and for exceptional cases, support engineers would provide special treatments. This turned out to be a perfect option, reducing the time to market, yet keeping the marginal cost (the cost of supporting one extra employer website) low.

After a period of time working together under the Project Based model, the client and Citigo agreed that there should be dedicated team working along with the client to deal with the ever rising changes and constant feedback from the end users. The client, therefore, moved to the Dedicated Team model with a team of 4 – 7 engineers working right under the client’s management.

From nothing, the website is now one of the most favorite destinations for job seekers. There, they are guaranteed that what they see are latest jobs from direct employers, not mysterious recruiting agents. Every month, 20,000 job seekers explore work opportunity from nearly 1,000 employers. The number of visits surge to 300,000.

Three years of hard work have been eventually paid off. Given its promising performance, the client has just been invested several millions dollar to bring the service to a new plateau. And Citigo is now eager to unleash its innovation capability in this next journey.