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Case Studies

Over the years, Citigo has helped many clients to achieve success in their IT investment. These success stories range from an enhancement to their business efficiency to a whole change of business model. Many brilliant entrepreneurial ideas are also realized. Explore our case studies below to learn how we created real value for them.

  • Multi-site enterprise CMS

    …We wanted to build not only a web application, but also a hierarchical framework that other applications can be plugged in…The CMS has been now deployed to over 500 mortgage brokers and agents in the client’s network…

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  • Having fun while learning

    …The biggest challenge is to design an inspirational interface that is attractive and simple to the main audience, i.e. kids… Several schools have signed up for trial even before development is finished….

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  • Making informed decisions

    … Report generation time was reduced more than 500 times…. The new powerful and intuitive report system helped the client make wise business decisions, which resulted in major market share gain…

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  • Managing trading system

    … The client was an American firm providing desktop software for forex and commodity trading …

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  • Finding the best contractor in town

    … A few month after its launch, the website saw hundreds of Australian businesses and vendors register. The system has now expanded to the United Kingdom and New Zealand and has become one of the most well-known commercial ports …

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  • Fans meet stars

    …Five months after the development of the platform, the social network is now ready to support big names in the entertainment industry…

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  • Direct jobs - no recruiters

    … Citigo’s final decision was to strike the balance between total automation and manual… This turned out to be a perfect option, reducing the time to market, yet keeping the marginal cost (the cost of supporting one extra employer website) low… From nothing, the website is now one of the most favorite destinations for job seekers…

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  • Selling while contributing to society

    … A retailer system with facilities that would enable retailers who have limited vision to carry out transactions easily and precisely …

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  • Supporting large e-health system

    …Citigo realized that the critical success factors in this partnership are security and domain knowledge… After two months, the team gained confidence from the client to develop new features…

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  • Assessing talents

    … Foreseeing the difficulties in shaping the right direction for the whole project from the starting point, Citigo decided to employ the agile development approach, in which we divided the project into several phases …

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