Case Studies » Assessing talents

The client was a big Australian consulting firm specialized in assessing candidates for specific positions or jobs. They had expertise in analyzing behavioral characters, rating behavioral and occupational tests and simulations, and applying the results to assess the suitability of a candidate to a position. The client wanted to build a system that would facilitate them in their assessment process.

Prior to working with Citigo, the client employed a working procedure in which most steps were done manually, leading to low working productivity. They, hence, wanted a system that would help them do all the storing, calculating and reporting work automatically, therefore reducing the time required while increasing the precision of the assessment.

However, as a company performing in a non-IT sector, the client could only initiate the ideas of how the system would be used without any specifically description or clear perception on how the final product would technically be.

Foreseeing the difficulties in shaping the right direction for the whole project from the starting point, Citigo decided to employ the agile development approach, in which we divided the project into several phases. In each phase, we sent the client a prototype, which included the model of what would be done in that phase. Based on the client’s comments on the prototype, Citigo team adjusted the direction and implemented the project accordingly.

Besides, one added-value Citigo provided for the project was the integration of the CMR system into the HR assessment port with a single sign-in procedure. This technique allowed the sales team of the client to get access to their customers’ database and information of potential candidates easily, increasing their working efficiency.

The system built eventually was technically far different from what the client had initially perceived. However, its business usefulness matched exactly what they wanted. Two months after launched, the new system had helped the client successfully work with nearly 40 organizational customers and give out precise assessment of more than 100 candidates for senior positions. Their customers and partners included big names such as Australia Post and Australian ANZ Bank; and the most recent partner was Jordan Belfort, the infamous American motivational speaker and recognized salesperson.